Bad Vinaigrette

Things have got out of hand so I am rearranging the kitchen. This requires engineer-like precision in space management but mostly it highlights the amount of stuff I have. Which then begets the question, how much is too much? Where kitchens are concerned, better to have than have not seems to be my motto. In any case, I am good at this, if I am allowed to say so myself, because I have experience.

I have moved house more times than most, so I am no stranger to organizing a kitchen. But the process is not completely streamlined yet. What happens during the unpack is, I wonder why more was not taken to the charity shop before the move. The next thing that happens, usually after a few months in a new place, I start looking for something and then annoyingly remember I gave it away. It is a difficult balance to achieve, knowing what to shift and what…

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