cherry pie inspired by Twin Peaks cherry pie inspired by Twin Peaks

There are some films you just can’t watch without craving for specific  food or drink:

1. To start with, I can’t watch ‘ Sideways’ without a glass of pinot noir…Simply cannot be done!

2. ‘Waitress’  without any pie and trying to banish the urge to bake.

3. Whenever I watch ‘Moonstruck’  I have to make eggs fried in toast…( ideally with champagne on the side ) aah.

4. After a little session with ‘Goodfellas’ you have to make a perfect tomato sauce (cooked for hours, in the meantime taking care of ‘the business’).

5. Julie and Julia and Something’s Gotta Give make me want to go to Paris and dine at any bistro (but preferably Cafe de Flore).

6. All films directed by Eric Rohmer make me want to dine in the garden with lots of wine.

One gloomy morning I was thinking about…

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