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septembre 2014

Hiring a Boris Bike

Another goddam foodblog

female boris bike

So I was down in London recently and I got pretty drunk on the train because it was super delayed as usual and when I arrived I had missed the last tube. I figured the best course of action would be to hire a Boris bike and cycle the 5 miles to where I was staying.

Hiring a Boris bike is retarded. It should be a case of enter credit card > pay > get bike. But it’s not. When I put in my card and paid money for 24 hour access it didn’t tell me what to do next and it was only until some Spanish tourist (the fcking irony) came up to me and said that I had to put in my card again and get an access code.


Why couldn’t I get the access code in the first place? What utter knobjockey figured that this wasn’t…

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See the only underwater park in the world

Oh Miami

My Words, My View


You NEVER cease to disappoint me with your unique weather patterns and random walls of rain over select portions of the town.

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Day Four in Pictures

Something to Declare


After reading through the script together and making some adjustments, we spent the day recording our stories. Below is a series of pictures showing the recording and editing process in our studio in Falmouth. The finished product will be broadcast at 2 PM on the 26 September on The Source FM.

All pictures are by the talented Jay Armstrong.


19S2DSep1425S2DSep1420S2DSep14  27S2DSep1436S2DSep1428S2DSep14

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Move to London

Outside the rose


Marée Wakes

The Upper Falls at Tahquamenon Falls State Park

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