Whaddup JP

The fabulous Infinity Pool at Marina Bay Sands The fabulous Infinity Pool at Marina Bay Sands

We were rudely awoken by a selfish Frenchman in our sweaty hostel who insisted on having the light on when everyone was trying to sleep. I made my feelings quite clear to him; at least there were no more sweaty nights – it was Marina Bay Sands day, baby!

We had breakfast and chilled for a bit until 11 when we walked to Little India which was alright but not that great (good for food I’m told but we weren’t hungry!) We wandered back and stopped at Burgis village away from the what, realising why locals ‘hide’ in air conditioned shopping malls so much! We grabbed lunch and walked to Suntec City mall. At 2:15 we grabbed our bags from the hostel and took the MRT train to Bayfront, checking in at 3pm. Our room was on floor 20 (we could have…

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