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Do you remember the Dr. Suess book « Oh, The Places You’ll Go! » My Aunt Lisa gave that to me for my high school graduation and I still have it! It’s funny to read it now, thinking of all the places I have been and traveled too since 2003…All over the US, Africa, Egypt, Nicaragua, Peru, Italy, Antigua, Bahamas, etc. I know I have been blessed to visit a lot of amazing places, but I still have quite the list of dreamy destinations to see! 
This is in no particular order…just places I dream of experiencing now with my husband and hopefully, future family! 
1. Greece – This is definitely a dream spot and has been for some time now. Chris and I considered Santorini for our honeymoon, but the price was a little steep for us! Hopefully sometime in the near future!
2. Spain – A must for us! If my husband…

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