The beautiful Knysna's Lagoon The beautiful Knysna’s Lagoon

Knysna Chalets is situated in the heart of Knysna which is surrounded by the most magnificent views and Cape beauty you have ever seen! Knysna Chalets is the perfect resort for you and your family to explore the area and visit the most famous features along the entire Southern African coastline, The Knysna Heads.  Another interesting place to visit during your vacation is the Mitchells Brewer in Knysna. Ever wondered how beer was brewed? Well pop into Mitchells and learn the brewmaters secret techniques to manufacturing the perfect beer.

One of the most popular festivals are held in Knysna every year perhaps you have heard of the Pick n Pay Oyster Festival? Well if you happen to be in the area or on vacation during the festival spend the afternoon with your husband sipping on fine wine and tasting delicious dishes. Close by, the Knysna…

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