young gymnast pre meet

In honor of the 2014-2015 competitive meet season beginning, twenty thoughts that go through your head before a gymnastics meet from the perspectives of a parent, a gymnast, a coach, a judge and a meet director: 


  1. Are we late? My daughter will kill me if we are.
  2. Coffee? Please let there be coffee…
  3. Where are my friends?
  4. Where is Missy’s mom…I don’t know how to do her hair?
  5. I hope she doesn’t want to go to lunch after this.
  6. I wonder if she remembered her grips?
  7. Oh that judge has such pretty red hair…
  8. I hope she went pee.
  9. How is it that all the front row seats are taken?
  10. I hope I packed enough snacks for her.
  11. My god, I’ve been on movie sets with less camera equipment than that dad has on him.
  12. I don’t even like hot dogs, yet strangely I am craving one.
  13. Did I…

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