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The terrace of the shopping centre The terrace of the shopping centre

Reflections Reflections

Marina Marina

After breakfast in Toulon we made our way along the coast road to Marseille where we arrived at lunchtime. We were too early to book in at the hotel but parked the car in their car park and went to find somewhere for a drink. Fund a brasserie not too far away and ordered a cappuccino and a pression for me. Guess who had what! We decided to eat lunch there so ordered 2 cheesy burgers and frites.

After lunch we walked across and up the road and found a ginormous shopping centre on 3 floors. It had 190 shops and restaurants. Upstairs on the 3rd floor there was a terrace that went the length of the building overlooking the port. The centre had been built on the old dockside. After wandering around we went and booked in at the hotel. A…

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