I have been meaning to come here for a long time but never had the chance. Well actually that’s a lie. It’s because of my illness of procrastination lol. This time I decided to walk to the zoo. Yes all the way from Oak State Beach, over 5 miles round trip, not including the walk in the zoo. I could guarantee you it’s a huge zoo. Considering it’s free of charge, I should say the city is pretty generous. (There’s also a very nice lily pool and a botanic garden by the zoo but I’ll get to that in a different blog).

Ok now let’s check these babies out;-D

Why did I kept thinking about the scene in the movie Hangover when I saw these giraffes (That was prob. one of my least favorite scenes>.<) It’s truly a beautiful elegant animal.





Everybody laughed when the hippo peed.


Oops, wrong focus…

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