Quarter Life Wanderings

Me wall beijing

Well, I went my first entire week without blogging (on this blog…). I know this is horrible thing to do in the blogging world, especially in your first 90. Oops. But man have I been busy.

Anywho, I am taking you on a trip to the past, and coincidentally it is about a trip. I have been doing this « traveling around the world(ish) thing » for a few years now. I have made it to 4 continents (Australia and South America I will get to you one day!) and soon will be going to my 9th Asian country – South Korea! – in a little over 2 weeks (I have done quite a few repeats to countries I have enjoyed whilst in HK).

My first ever trip abroad was to France with my high school friends. Then, when I studied abroad, I ended up traveling with 3-5 other friends 

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