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Before I start, let me get some things straight: I’m a queer feminist. I think society is pretty damn sexist, and that video gaming is one area where it’s particularly obvious. I think the treatment of Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian and a bunch of other people these last few weeks is despicable. I think being angry and defensive when you’re being harassed for your gender or for how much sex you’ve had is a totally valid thing to be.

But I’m so sick and tired of how some people I otherwise respect and agree with keep responding to those who disagree with them.

This isn’t tone policing, this is asking you to stop using words and concepts that exclude people.

You can’t build an inclusive, friendly place on exclusionary, insulting language.

There’s a bunch of things that have been bothering me – not just in the recent « GamerGate » things…

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