Tiny Beautiful Places


The morning sun was shining sending shafts of gold streaks through my window with the local pigs moving around outside eating, the roosters were busily competing on who could be the loudest, the breeze blew my lace curtains and ruffled the mosquito net. It was Sunday in the Kingdom of Tonga and by law across the entire archipelago, Sunday is celebrated as a strict Sabbath where only essential services are allowed to open. We were staying in the small village of Toula situated in Vava’u and our neighbours had headed off in their Sunday best for church and then following that, as is the custom, attend a social gathering with family and friends to enjoy singing, food and company. Welcome to the world of Sundays and the Tongan Feast where you sleep late, you celebrate, you eat, sing and enjoy each others company.


For us, as westerners and visitors to…

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