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Amsterdam is at first being in awe of all the canals and boats at every street and feeling like you’re in a fucking movie.

Amsterdam is hating people on a whole new level because the size of the crowd is insane.

Amsterdam is walking past two H&M’s within 100m away from each other and wondering, « yo wtf is this »

Amsterdam is whacking the pronunciation of the names and wondering how to pronounce the ‘j’ in the words (« Is it like ‘Jose’ or like ‘Yose’? »)

Amsterdam is where the street names look like the product of whacking the keyboard.

Amsterdam is waffles. Waffles everywhere.

Amsterdam is wondering whether all the food you had was the best thing of its kind in the world or were you just high.

Amsterdam is where coffeeshops aren’t the ones with apeks drinking their afternoon beers while playing chess.

Amsterdam is bird central – pigeons, ducks, crows, and…

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