The next morning was a painful one. The kind where I understand you coffee addicts and your caffeine chasing lifestyles. I instead sought solace in the form of pastry.

A croissant filled with Serrano ham and melted manchego cheese was a nice hug to my insides, whilst my body ached from all our days of nonstop action. In Barcelona, a popular grilled sandwich of ham and cheese is referred to as a bikini sandwich. Now what I’d like to know, is who on earth has buttery, melty sandwiches come to mind when preparing to squeeze into a bikini? Oh excuse me, more pastry has arrived.

P1010317 Long, flaky strips stuffed with chocolate and cream were the final kick needed to sugar rush us into gear. We packed a bag and headed for the beach. P1010318P1010320P1010323P1010325 You know how in life there are usually a series of unfortunate events? Well, let’s put this down…

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