Is This Too Spicy?

Meat Meat

Coconuts Coconuts

One of the best things about Sri Lanka was all the tropical fresh fruit and vegetables. Going to the market on the way home from work was always a great experience, haggling, joking and tasting the produce as you go.


Being a foreigner I was always targeted for high prices but the market stalls were one of the few businesses whose prices actually dropped during our time here. They must have thought karma would come back to haunt them or it was a bad look to the other customers to keep ripping me off.


My favourite process was buying chicken. The Chicken Man sat at the back of the market with his cages of live chooks alongside his little stall. Upon ordering a chicken, another guy would slip out the side door and grab a flapping, squawking chook. What followed was a cacophony of squeals, a loud thud, silence, 2 minutes…

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