How I love
Autumnal Bliss;
Nature slowly shutting down
For a Winter’s sleep.

Trees with their final burst
Of majestic beauty;
Red, yellow and amber
Colours of their leaves.

Last Summer warmth
Meets early Winter chill;
Crisp, golden mornings,
Fresh woodland scent.

Walking amongst
The slowly falling leaves,
Watching them spin
As they drop by my feet.

Catching my breath
As a chill fills the air;
Breath looks like steam
As it releases into the air.

Dream of the warmth
Of a fireside chair;
Cracking logs
Inside dancing red flames.

A fantasy world
As I stroll through the woods,
Magical and breathtaking
As they offer their beauty.

How I love
Autumnal Bliss;
A paradise and retreat,
The wonder of Nature.

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