Where is Carl?

One week down, thirty-six to go. I was going to simply post, « I’ll write you when I know where to begin, » but let’s see what I can cover. But first, this:

Street art in Azzamour. Although I may be in the honeymoon phase of my relationship with Morocco, I am enchanted by the culture and people. Ray Bradbury once said, « half the fun of travel is the aesthetics of lostness. » The novelty, I’m sure, will start to wear off as it becomes more and more obvious just how much I rely on my Arabic/French-speaking friends to navigate the train schedules, markets and menus of Morocco. Pantomiming only works for so much. Until then, I’ll just enjoy the aesthetics of lostness.

The short trip from Rabat to El Jadida over the weekend is a great example of the difficulties thus far. Ten of us had the ambitious goal of visiting the beaches and sites of…

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