KilaSiku Style


So you’ve seen her on here a few times, as a model- bet you didn’t know she was an amazing singer! Please tell me you can sense my excitement!!!

Lady Jay begins the month of September (& makes our Monday better) with her first single ‘Oh My My My’ of her upcoming EP ‘1/2 a Lady’. The song’s main motivation is Love. Love for her secret lover, family, friends and fans


This ballad produced by Kuvie fuses her melodic voice with a harmonious beat of liquid funk, ambient melodies of R&B and trap drumlines. This mixture supports her hook, aimed at letting her listeners press the replay button over and over again. (I will be doing a lot of that…Hehehehe)

The single was recorded in The Cave Studio with Kuvie, BBnZ Studio with EL, and mixed mastered by worldwide acclaimed sound engineer, James Loughrey  in London, England. James Loughrey has…

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