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septembre 2014

10 Things That Change Once You’ve Lived Overseas

Yes, I have an only child and it’s fine, really


Pic By Bajirao Pawar Pic By Bajirao Pawar

I never had a strategy to have an only child. I am the oldest of three married to a third-born of four. We have an only. Well, give or take a cat or two. I don’t think my parents intended for us to be three, but my siblings are twins. Everyone else in my family is a perfect two and there is only one ‘only’. He is my favorite cousin incidentally.

People make the ‘only child’ sound like a convoluted human being, devoid of social skills, compassion, kindness. They are supposed to be maladjusted, selfish and everything wrong with the world. For doing exactly the same thing, they could be branded as attention seeking or aloof and anti-social. Sometimes you just can’t win.

My friend Parul recently popped her third baby. Three is a great number, I always thought. Two is too symmetric…

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Rosh Hashanah Apple Horn

Kitchen Overlord - Your Home for Geeky Cookbooks and Recipes!

Rosh Hashanah Apple Horn

Greetings! We’re one day away from the year 5775!* If you’re reading this from the year 2014, my goodness, life has changed.

First off, I know you think standing in a gold and lapis encrusted chariot is impressive, but I’ve got a chariot made from metals you’ve never even mined and pulled by invisible horses. I call it a Toyota Matrix.

Second, I know you love drinking fermented barley through a straw, but you haven’t lived until you’ve tasted pumpkin pie spiced apple cider. Er, I don’t have time to explain what a pumpkin is. Or a pie. Look, have a six pack on me. Oh, those bottles are made from something called glass. We plug up our windows with it so we can look outside without letting all the heat out of our houses. No, the houses don’t fill up with smoke and kill our children. We’ve got something…

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Friday Fun XIII

Down Under with the Szabos


Living in South Africa means we’re already living down under but we decided to make it official by hoping over to our neighboring continent to the east. Our trip to Australia was short but jam-packed. We went for our friend’s wedding. In between the wedding festivities we had a lot of other exciting experiences. We saw family and friends and met new friends too. We toured Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. We ate delicious food. And most importantly, we hung out with kangaroos and koalas.

Here are some photos from my phone:

































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It’s Friday, I’m in love

la Valerosa


Hectic weeks can be exhausting but so rewarding!  I spent a few days traveling in the Midwest for work, and now I’m back in California for another west coast wedding!  I just love it here so much and I’m happy to be seeing so many friends and excited to spend a little time exploring Venice Beach, before heading up to Monterey.  California, I just love you so much; almost as much as the gorgeous sunflowers we saw while driving around on little roads in Massachusetts.   Those sunny blooms are just like my mood these days.

Have a great weekend!


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Photo Challenge: Endurance

Life According to Jamie

Last Friday, The Daily Post chose Endurance for the weekly photo challenge. Endurance can be seen in so many different things and in so many different ways. I’ve had a pretty long and tiring week with lots of work on my plate and grading up to my eyeballs to complete so endurance is a pretty significant theme for me this week!

The example The Daily Post shared was of a Mayan ruin and spoke about how ruins such as that one have weathered the test of time. I have seen a few ruins myself, but wanted to go with something a little bit different. I went to Las Vegas during spring break of 2013 for a few days and no my example of endurance isn’t being able to stay up all night at the club and casino! My friend and I went on a day excursion to the Grand Canyon…

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What’s it like to stay at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel?

Whaddup JP

The fabulous Infinity Pool at Marina Bay Sands The fabulous Infinity Pool at Marina Bay Sands

We were rudely awoken by a selfish Frenchman in our sweaty hostel who insisted on having the light on when everyone was trying to sleep. I made my feelings quite clear to him; at least there were no more sweaty nights – it was Marina Bay Sands day, baby!

We had breakfast and chilled for a bit until 11 when we walked to Little India which was alright but not that great (good for food I’m told but we weren’t hungry!) We wandered back and stopped at Burgis village away from the what, realising why locals ‘hide’ in air conditioned shopping malls so much! We grabbed lunch and walked to Suntec City mall. At 2:15 we grabbed our bags from the hostel and took the MRT train to Bayfront, checking in at 3pm. Our room was on floor 20 (we could have…

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Galena Summit and Stanley, Idaho

The USA: Landscapes and Urban Spaces

The distance from Ketchum to Stanley is about 60 miles and between the two settlements there is only one other, a dot on the map called Obsidian 12 miles from Stanley itself. We were in a remote area, but the road was excellent, the views of the mountains and the forests were sublime and the late afternoon visibility was perfect. We ascended the valley of the Salmon River. At times the valley is very narrow, but on other occasions it widens to create meadows full of wild flowers not dissimilar to yaylas in Turkey. At 8,701 feet above sea level, Galena Summit was the highest point that we attained. A descent began thereafter and we had expected the views to be somewhat less engaging. However, for 10 miles beyond the summit the views were even more spectacular. By now the Sawtooth Mountains, a ridge of snow-smudged peaks almost as beautiful…

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