Tina in Manila

It requires 20,000 monthly subscribers for Summit Media to continue publishing a magazine. The magazine, « Entrepreneur, » has a 30,000 pc circulation, with a 4x pass-on readership, garnering a total monthly readership of 150,000. While this may not be impressive to some,  it is still one of the most popular magazines in the Summit Media fold, trumping Top Gear, Men’s and Women’s Health, Real Living, Good Parenting, Town and Country, and Esquire.


The point is, Filipinos who read, like to read about Entrepreneurship. They like knowing industry news, facts, and figures, and get more ideas on how to start their own business.

However, being an entrepreneur is still an uphill climb. Some statistics reveal that the micro-, small and medium sized sectors account for a whooping 99.6% of total establishments in the country, contributed to 61.2% of the country’s total employment BUT only accounted for 35.7% of total value…

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