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Cold winter morning

The sky was dimmed with heavy clouds

Trees has still no life

But everything is perfect

Perfect for a walk.

As you walk to the Tuileries Garden

You’ll notice different types of people

Different smile, Different culture

Different way of thinking

and you’ll realise, you’re also one of them

You can feel serene and unique atmosphere of the place

Then it will suddenly sink in to you,

You are now in a different place from where you from

It is a Beautiful and Romantic place

As you cross the roads and stand beside the Obélisque

You will feel the excitement, fun and glamorous ahead of you

You can’t wait no more

“Ohh.. Champs Elysées..

You are so beautiful

The most famous avenue of the world

Everything is just like a dream”

You can’t actually look straight

you can’t control to look left and right

Glamorous Bags, Branded…

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