I’ve never lived inland.
I’ve lived all my life so far in the same city – a harbour city. A three-harboured city, actually.

Auckland sits like a smear between our harbours, but it’s not as bad other places. Our beaches are fine to swim at, mostly. And only a few kilometers out into the harbour, the sea becomes bright and sparkling.

It’s undoubtedly because I grew up here, with a beach always 20 minutes drive away and any direction’s vista ending eventually in grey sea.

Inland cities feel wrong to me. In the evening when the newsreader’s map goes from town to town, those surrounded in green look displaced. It’s not a view without water.

Rivers help. I went to Melbourne this year and the wide dark strip gave the city a centre, a point to navigate from. But you can’t really replace a sea horizon. Beaches are important. Cities get so…

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