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août 2014

Stanley Park Seawall – Vancouver, B.C.



Little outing :D

My State of Mind

I live in a village and it’s kinda boring because there’s nothing to do. However, what I really appreciate for living here is that I always get a perfect view of the sun and the sky to take wonderful images ^^

I usually go on little walks in the fields by myself if its sunny


I never knew such pretty flowers were around my area


The sun was shining so brightly today but it wasn’t really that hot


 Relaxing in a field up high on a hill, calming while listening to music


What a beautiful site to see


Really happy to be able to relax on days like this, sitting somewhere high whilst overlooking everything.

It helps me clear my mind sometimes


To my readers, I hope you have days like this as well where you can clear your mind and relax your body

See you in…

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How Google can really help news & media

‘Mango, Mango!’ A Family, a Fruit Stand, and Survival on $4.50 a Day


Douglas Haynes | Orion | Summer 2014 | 22 minutes (5,391 words)

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“It’s like this here every day,” Dayani Baldelomar Bustos tells me as her dark eyes scan the packed alley for an opening. People carrying baskets of produce on their heads press against our backs.

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Is Entrepreneurship FOR YOU?

Tina in Manila

It requires 20,000 monthly subscribers for Summit Media to continue publishing a magazine. The magazine, « Entrepreneur, » has a 30,000 pc circulation, with a 4x pass-on readership, garnering a total monthly readership of 150,000. While this may not be impressive to some,  it is still one of the most popular magazines in the Summit Media fold, trumping Top Gear, Men’s and Women’s Health, Real Living, Good Parenting, Town and Country, and Esquire.


The point is, Filipinos who read, like to read about Entrepreneurship. They like knowing industry news, facts, and figures, and get more ideas on how to start their own business.

However, being an entrepreneur is still an uphill climb. Some statistics reveal that the micro-, small and medium sized sectors account for a whooping 99.6% of total establishments in the country, contributed to 61.2% of the country’s total employment BUT only accounted for 35.7% of total value…

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Salut Toulouse

A Walk: Louvre Museum to Arc de Triomphe

Kimmy's Travel Blog


Cold winter morning

The sky was dimmed with heavy clouds

Trees has still no life

But everything is perfect

Perfect for a walk.

As you walk to the Tuileries Garden

You’ll notice different types of people

Different smile, Different culture

Different way of thinking

and you’ll realise, you’re also one of them

You can feel serene and unique atmosphere of the place

Then it will suddenly sink in to you,

You are now in a different place from where you from

It is a Beautiful and Romantic place

As you cross the roads and stand beside the Obélisque

You will feel the excitement, fun and glamorous ahead of you

You can’t wait no more

“Ohh.. Champs Elysées..

You are so beautiful

The most famous avenue of the world

Everything is just like a dream”

You can’t actually look straight

you can’t control to look left and right

Glamorous Bags, Branded…

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