Heed not Steve

the other day

maybe yesterday

a guy came to the door

and rang the bell

and our dogs barked

all stupid

so I answered the door

he was a young guy

with a tee shirt

and a clipboard

and the cold air

in my house

tried to escape

but the hot air

in the world

pushed in

while the young guy

with a name tag

on his tee shirt

said things

like we’re in the area

and special offer

and help keep teens off drugs

then he licked

his own eye

with a flick

of his tongue

and . . . .wait

it was a dream

yeah, I can tell

it was a dream

Vici the robot

from Small Wonder

was there

only it wasn’t her

and you glazed over

when I said

it wasn’t her

because there’s nothing

more boring than


to dreams

with all the things


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