Jennifer Keishin Armstrong

The actual Joe Davola with Sophia Bush of 'One Tree Hill,' which he executive produced. The actual Joe Davola with Sophia Bush of ‘One Tree Hill,’ which he executive produced.

Joe Davola ran into Larry David and his manager/girlfriend, Laurie Lennard, at a Robin Hood Foundation fundraising party in Los Angeles, round about 1992. The TV executive, now at Fox, had known Lennard since his days at MTV in the ‘80s and had courted David’s comedy writing talents at various times since then.

David greeted him thusly: “Joe Davola, Joe Davola, Joe Davola, Joe Davola.”

Davola, just as true to his own personality replied in his deep Brooklyn accent: “What the fuck are you doing, Larry?”

“I like your name. Can I use it?”

Davola shrugged. Sure, why the fuck not?

Six months later, Davola got a visit at his office from Castle Rock executive Glenn Padnick. Padnick had two scripts in his hands, one with a blue cover, one with a yellow cover. Padnick…

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