It’s the strangest thing.

I left for work today thinking to myself that I really needed to actually do something about the fruit-fly situation in our kitchen. That given my otherwise laissez-faire attitude regarding fruit-flies – the “fruit-fly situation” was on the verge of getting out-of-control.

But I come home tonight – eight hours later – and there’s nary a fruit fly in our kitchen. I can’t find a one.

Where did they go? (There are never less fruit flies, there are always more.)

My bananas and tomatoes and limes are still sitting on the kitchen table. There’s nothing sniffing around the outside of the compost pail. Very odd.


To live in Halifax in the summer is to live with fruitflies.

Living in Toronto I had thought myself well versed in the ways of the fruit fly. I thought I knew a thing-or-two about them. Ha! I had no…

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