Voice of SGA

Thanks to politicians in Oklahoma City neglecting to adequately fund OU, tuition and fees are going up by an average of 4.8% this fall. That means a $561 increase for nonresident students and $268.50 for Oklahoma students. As you wave goodbye to more of your hard-earned cash, let’s take a look at some of the things you could have spent $561 on.

1. 167 gallons of gas


Particularly important when you’re driving around every day hunting for a parking space. Speaking of which…

2. 2 years of parking passes (including summer!)


Maybe I’ll just take CART…

3. 1 month of rent plus utilities


Well….probably not at the Cottages.

4. 6 textbooks


Time to get a Kindle.

5. 2 months of groceries


Pictured above: critical grocery item.

6. An iPad with accessories


Guess you’ll have to stick with an old-school spiral notebook.

7. 37 Comfort Colors t-shirts


Tuition increases are far…

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