Deep in the Heart of Textiles

Back when we were replacing our ceiling, new renovation-related lyrics for « My Favorite Things » popped into my head.  Today WordPress posted a lyric writing challenge, even using that song as the example, so here’s my response.

Nail guns and glue guns
And cordless screwdrivers
Paint chips and tin snips
I build like MacGyver
Lock nuts and hex nuts and nuts that have wings –
These are a few of my favorite things.

Wood clamps and work lamps,
Adjustable wrenches,
Two-by’s and zip ties
And sturdy work benches.
Paint that will cover with no need to prime –
These are the things that I use all the time.

When the floor sags,
When the pipe breaks,
When the deck looks bad,
I simply run out to my local box store,
And buy lots of bead board and sliding glass doors,
And then I don’t feel
So sad.

Contractor trash…

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