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If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a thousand times.

« Enjoy every minute. »

« They’ll be grown before you know it. »

« It goes by so fast. »

In my pre-motherhood days, I thought these were just the sentimental musings of people who were either being dramatic or who couldn’t think of anything else to say and so they just made the token grandparent statements they’d heard other people make.

At one time, it even frustrated me. After being encouraged yet again not to get in a tizzy about dishes and housekeeping because I’d have plenty of time for those things when the kids grew up, I thought to myself « Lady, I am cherishing my children, okay, but I can’t just sit and look at them all day long! At some point, I HAVE to do the dishes… »

But that was just my hormones talking; if I was being more honest with…

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