The Art of Eating Books


As children my sister and I wrote short stories with long drawn out descriptions of food. This would have been forgivable had we written the rest of the story in the same amount of detail (apparently plot was never particularly important.) This uneven focus has continued into my adult life. Seeing a commercial or even hearing a passing mention of food can make me fixate on it to the point that I feel physical pain if I don’t eventually eat that particular thing. I also watch cooking shows when I’m hungry so that when I finally tear myself away from the TVsalivating, stomach churningthe food I eat will taste even better. I think I might be a crazy person. Or a sadist.

To Kill A Mockingbird at least pretends to have a plot (just kidding. Racial strife, yo. It’s important.) Food works on many levels: as metaphor for racial segregation (the…

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