And Everything Afterwards


Here is how I spent last night.

I shut myself in the kitchen, put on one of my CDs from the nineties that nobody else in my family likes, and baked fruit crumble and apricot muffins.  Then I dissolved a rose-petal bath bomb in a hot bath, soaked for a while, after which I put on my favourite pyjamas and took my Kindle and a mug of camomile tea upstairs so I could read in my freshly changed bed with its brand new linens.

It was AMAZING.  It was amazing because I hit all of my sensory high points (okay, not all of them.  What are you like?) without dissolving into a bottle of wine or a family packet of salt and vinegar crisps, and all of that good stuff.  But mostly it was amazing because I was making the places in my life into my spaces.  Kitchen: door closed, favourite music…

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