Caracas Chronicles

Artist's depiction of our life back in Caracas Artist’s depiction of our life back in Caracas

« You know, I want to go back to Caracas now. »

It caught me off guard to hear my five year old daughter say this. It’s been almost a year since we came out to live in self-imposed economic exile. But she said it like, you know, our life here is cool and everything, but I want to go back home. I wasn’t really prepared for it.

« We can’t right now » I stamered.

She resumed her playing/fighting activities with her brother.

It began in February. Every single day, one of the kids would ask.

« Mom, can we go back home? »

Every time I had to deflect.

« Not right now; Maybe tomorrow; It’s already dark out,  no planes fly at this hour; But we are living here now; We will go in August, for your school vacation; Oh look! A bird! »

Sometimes they would stuff their teddy bear, a book…

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