Under Tanzanian Skies

Built on a hillside in the area of Gisozi, this memorial holds the remains of nearly 260 000 victims of the Rwandan genocide, killed in Kigali and the surrounding area. A number that is still increasing since every year, bodies continue to be buried on this site. Of these victims, only bones, some clothes, and a few objects remain… And the images of a time when all these people were alive, happy and carefree. Under the photographs of children, visitors can read their last words, their talents, their dreams, and how they died. Galleries demonstrate the monstrous effectiveness of the extermination plan, revealing the extent of the tragedy. The disturbing visit leaves no one indifferent. Outside, people gather near the graves in blossoming flower gardens. To honor the memory of those who died, and find the courage to act. To remember 1994.

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