the self-styled life

I just booked our summer vacation–a week in Scotland followed by a long weekend in Germany. I am Excited.

We’ve been to Scotland before. And we loved it. My father’s parents immigrated to the US from Scotland when they were teenagers. Even at 99 when she passed, my Nana spoke with a persistent Scottish brogue. The Scotch pride is thick in my family, and I have wild memories of our family reunions, complete with Scotch meat pies, folk songs, and a caber toss. I treasure my Scottish heritage.

This year’s trip will be especially exciting as my entire family will be going–my parents, brother and his family, sister and her family, and my dad’s cousin, Stewart, who is something of a family historian. There will be six children under 7, and it will be the first time all of these cousins have been together. We have rented a house in Ayr…

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