Surviving Loss

shouldIn the last few months I’ve reconsidered what surviving loss really means. According to the Cambridge Online dictionary, « surviving » means continuing to live or exist after the loss of…and you may insert whatever your own personal loss equates to here: husband, wife, partner, child, sibling, job, and so forth. All dictionary definitions are similarly vague, and lead to more definitions. Live. Exist. Huge words; huge concepts. And I’ll admit to being completely stymied as to what these words really mean.

I live. I exist. But I keep thinking there has to be more to it. I should be doing more. There’s so many things that I haven’t done of late. I should be working on my dissertation, on my blog, on my website. I should be socializing more. I should be exercising more. I should be taking better care of my health and diet.

And, surely, after all these days…

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