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mai 2014

You’re Wrong: an F.A.Q.

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Q. Am I really wrong?


Q. Are you sure?


Q. Can you prove that I’m wrong?

Yes, but, you’ll have to agree in advance what proof looks like, otherwise you could just move the goalposts after the game.

Q. How come I have so much evidence that I’m right?

That’s confirmation bias. Your brain carefully files away all the reasons you might be right, and disregards all the reasons you might be wrong.

Q. How come so many people agree with me?

They’re wrong too.

Q. They can’t all be wrong, can they?

Most people are wrong about most things most of the time. If there’s one remarkable discovery to be made in the study of science, religion and philosophy, it’s that being wrong about almost everything does people so little harm. The fact that every scientific discovery since the stone age has only doubled our life expectancy…

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La banque et Pizza

Nous avons un accord avec la Banque
Eux ils ne font pas de PIZZA et
Nous ne font pas de CRÉDIT

New models

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Parfums d’ambiances

Création sur mesure des parfums d’ambiances bougie……
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My Afternoon with the Oopma Loompas… er, Chocolate Worshippers… of San Marcos

Milkshake Brings Boys To Yard

Mightier Than The Pen

milkshake Forest Park, Ohio, April 29 – Residents of this Cincinnati suburb reported disturbances this morning after a local woman made a milkshake and began drinking it in her front yard.

Kelly Rogers, 19, of Fairborn Avenue, put chocolate ice cream and milk into blender at about 7:25 AM Tuesday. Neighbors soon felt the ground rumbling, as thousands of young men, some as young as twelve, streamed onto the street and crowded into and around the Rogers property, apparently to watch Ms. Rogers consume the liquid breakfast.

The crowd continued to grow for almost an hour, according to Denise Jefferson, who lives several houses away. « We felt the earth shake, and then it just kept shaking until maybe 8:30, I don’t know, » she told reporters. « There must’ve been thousands of guys here, but they disappeared almost as soon as they showed up. » She noted that once Ms. Rogers had finished drinking her shake…

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