Breach of Close

Lou Gaillot by Rumi Matsuzawa Lou Gaillot by Rumi Matsuzawa

Nearly all of us have clothes that make us feel attractive, even sexy, a motorcycle jacket, say, or a satin slip and lace garter belt. For some it’s nylon running shorts, for others a well-tailored suit. However, fetishists aside, it is the rare item of clothing with the power to physically arouse us through the mere act of putting it on.

There were two points in my life where I had such rare clothes. The first was a pair of pants that I asked my mother to buy me when I was 10 years old.

I’ve long forgotten what they were called, if I ever knew. Now we’d call them two-tone tonic, I suppose. For me back then, they were just iridescent. My uncle Leonard had taught me the word one day when we were looking at a beetle. Iridescence, he said. The colors of beetles…

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