When our beloved pet cockatiel of seventeen years died, my dad had witnessed the event.  He said that Binky had been acting sluggish for about a week – sitting on his perch, feathers puffed up, eyes closed, not eating.  And when dad finally looked at him closely – as if on cue – Binky gave one final chirp/croak and fell face first from his perch onto the bottom of his feces-lined cage, knocking down his favorite toy bell, which then fell into his water dish, spraying water everywhere.  To hear my dad describe the event, it was as if Binky’s death been captured on camera from different angles, then played back to us in slow-motion with « Carmina Burina » playing in the background – complete with the bird’s eyes fluttering towards the sky, as he drew his last breath.

Shocked and saddened by Binky’s death, my dad tried to find an…

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