the dancing professor

We haven’t had a good rant around here in a while. Fortunately, my day provided me with some enraging fodder.

(Here are my disclaimers: first, this will be a slightly edited post, not a draft post like usual; the topic is too sensitive to be careless with. Second, even so, it’s not unlikely that I’ll say something ignorant because I’m talking about people whose worlds are quite different from mine. I’ll do my best, but feel free to correct me if I fail.)

You know we like to think about race and class and social justice a lot around here. A lot of it tends to be fairly academic, in part because that’s the only voice I have to talk about race, since I’ve only ever been white, and it’s easy to be white (and for the love of god don’t interject with some anecdote about black kids bullying you when you…

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