Jen Wilton

Oaxaca Mexico street art All photo credits: Jen Wilton

 « We declare the world as our canvas » – Street Art Utopia

After first arriving in Oaxaca, Mexico it was hard not to be struck by the amount of artwork adorning public spaces – from walls to bridges and pavements to roofs.  There are pieces that remain in place for weeks, months or even years, while all the time I am surprised by new pieces springing up out of nowhere.  Some just outside my door, others in tucked away spots I have been lucky enough to stumble across.

Oaxaca Mexico street art Frida Kahlo Frida Kahlo

What is really so amazing about this phenomenon is the quality of work – not just someone tagging initials or names on walls, but beautiful murals, interpretive pieces, political criticisms… the list goes on!  This form of art is clearly designed to make the viewer think more closely about some aspect of the…

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