Sometimes I Wear Tiaras


1. Alright, here we go, I’m so ready for this.

2. Okay, internet, any time now.

3. Oh god, oh god, oh god, I have 3 minutes and my internet STILL won’t connect.

4. Fucking internet! Why now? Why me?!

5. I might as well just assume now that I’m not getting this job. Connecting to the internet is the easiest part of this interview. She’s going to think I’m late, irresponsible, and incompetent. There is no way I’m getting this. I might as well stop trying now.

6. Oh, okay. Right, had to press ‘connect.’

7. So… where is she? We did say interview at 3, right? I should check my email.

8. Yes, definitely 3:00. But… it’s 3:10, so… I’m definitely connected to the internet, right?

9. This is my fault. I know it. She was probably on a few minutes early and because I wasn’t there, she logged…

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