Kathryn M. McCullough

Hello, my name is Kathy, and I am a bag lady.

You see, we visited the beach in Ecuador last week–our first trip to the coast since moving to Cuenca 11 months ago–an adventure in its own right, most would think.  However, I had a victory that involved more than sand and surf.

I did NOT purchase a purse.

P1190326 (3)

You see, « mi esposa » Sara says I’m a bag lady.  Though she hasn’t indicated it’s terminal, she insists it’s a sickness, maybe even a curse.  (I think, she exaggerates.)

I’ve written before about my advanced luggaging skills.  I’ve even composed  « A Beginner’s Guide to Becoming a Better Bag Lady. »  I’ve posted about over-packing–both in the contexts of  travel and moving.

Bottom line–I know bags.

However, I’ve only once before confessed the embarrassingly large number of purses and pouches I possess.  And in the context of last week’s triumph over temptation, I thought I’d share again images of those carry-ables.

So, today I…

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