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mars 2014

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New product for women

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The heartbreak of creativity: a public service announcement

Drinking Tips for Teens

ross jobs A version of this piece originally aired on CBC Radio’s « Breakaway. » You can hear the original audio version here .

Hello, I’m Ross Murray, beloved columnist, salad dressing connoisseur and author of the best-selling self-help book Don’t Kid Yourself, Mister. Today, I’d like to talk about a condition that afflicts 2 out of 6 Canadians and in some areas as many as 1 in 3. I’m talking about… creativity.

Creativity can strike anyone, anytime, though probably not before 10 a.m. Creative people are just like you and me, except with weirder clothes and occasionally dubious hygiene. Creativity is a highly distracting affliction, but, with regular treatment and flattery, most creative people lead full, productive lives… Let me try that again: most creative people lead full lives.

There are two types of creativity. Some people are born creative, although early creativity remains difficult to diagnose. Many parents become convinced that their…

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Dear Bangalore

Epiphany in the Cacophony


We are now descending into Bangalore International Airport, temperature 20 degrees, clear skies.

Music to my ears. I step out of the plane and watch as the crowd rushes to claim their baggage. Each one trying to catch up with the person ahead of them. I join them in their little race. l look at the transparent door ahead of me, the only thing separating you and me now. Miles and miles now reduced to a few metres and a transparent door. I realise how much I’ve missed you. That I crave you like a bird craves the sky, like the morning craves the sun, like the taxi drivers outside crave a confused tourist.

I get my bags and step out of the door. You hug me, the familiar, cool breeze gathering me in its arms instantly. I can tell you’ve been waiting for me. It has been too long.

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Let’s talk about Facebook shall we?

Oh for the love

I’ll admit it…I’m a defender of Facebook. I like it. I like seeing pictures of my grandkids and keeping up with what is going on with them. I like keeping up on the lives of my friends and what their grandchildren are doing. I like the positive news items and the helpful way it reaches out to millions of people at a moments notice. I like finding friends from way back when and touching base again…not enough to actually make an effort to get together or anything but I’m nosy…I like knowing what’s going on in the world.

But I’m finding there’s no real « etiquette » when it comes to Facebook. It’s kind of anonymous…but not really. We’re not face to face so you don’t have to see my initial reaction to your post and I have time to think about how I’m going to (or not going to respond). Kind…

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Créateur de Parfums

APPSLOTUS PARIS est une entreprise qui distribue par le biais de nombreux revendeurs : auto entrepreneur, agents commerciaux, salon de coiffure, salon de beauté et revendeurs classiques avec une gamme de parfums génériques de bonne qualité en vaporisateurs de 100 ML, Made in France.

Découvrez notre gamme de parfum de qualité à un prix imbattable pour homme et pour femme. Notre clientèle actuelle, nous recherchons dans toute la France pour notre développement des revendeurs motivés pour la distribution en relationnel de nos produits.
Vous êtes dynamique, motivée, vous appréciez les produits de bonne qualité fabriquer en France et vous avez le contact facile? Vous souhaitez augmenter vos revenus facilement? Vous travaillez à votre rythme, quand vous voulez!

APPSLOTUS PARIS vous propose une activité enrichissante qui vous permet de gérer, à votre rythme, votre développement professionnel. Devenez VDI en Parfums et participez au formidable développement de APPSLOTUS PARIS.

Vous développez vous-même votre réseau de clientèle avec AppsLotus Paris.

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