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Indomitable: The Kids of Sarajevo

Originally posted on GALLIVANCE:
Sarajevo Siege Life, Winter of 1992-1993."The children’s spontaneous joy in a fresh snowfall contrasts with the anxiety on the faces of the adults walking behind.”–Christian Maréchal, Photographer Isn’t it amazing how a photo can rivet your attention? This powerful image by Christian Maréchal captured a life-affirming moment in Sarajevo’s history. Our immediate thought…

My Plateau

Originally posted on Andrea Reads America:
Map: Colorado, setting of "My Plateau" by Beth Bates This is a guest post from Beth Bates who contributed in response to the American Vignette call for submissions. The setting is Colorado. Enjoy! My heart cracks a little when I allow it to revisit the scene where my teenagers are…

A Letter to Amazon

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Dear Mr. Bezos, I was very excited to receive your Email request this morning, asking for my help in your battle against Hachette. Not since Carrie White got invited to the prom has a girl been more pleasantly shocked to be included. And you’re right; those big publisher types are just…